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To All Our Friends

The Azzue family would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the enormous amount of love, prayers and support we have received during these difficult times.

These many gestures give us a moments respite from the immeasurable grief we are dealing with.

Each individual effort is extremely appreciated and felt deeply by us as we are made aware that people all around us, known and unknown to us are in some way sharing and helping us carry our grief during this time.

As a family we feel your kind thoughts and prayers, and we know that our deep faith in God and the strength of our family will get us through this tragedy.

The outpouring of support amazes us on a daily basis as the cards, calls, online posts, flowers and gifts pour in.

All these gestures give us pause and allow us to realize how blessed we are to have people like you in our lives.

We know ours is not an easy journey, but it is made easier each day with your help, prayers and kind words.

We thank you all as best we can and know your gestures are heartfelt.

Words cannot express how much all of these gestures have meant to us through these difficult days.

Our faith is boundless and our lives are made better for having had Nick in it.

In his memory we will honor all of your prayers.

Thank You

The Azzue Family